Get Lean by Changing Daily Habits

Create the daily habits of a lean person to get a lean body.

Get a Lean Body Through Lean Daily Habits

Lean people have lean habits, whether they know it or not. Not lean people have daily habits that keep them from being lean.

The key to getting yourself a lean body is to develop those habits.

Willpower is a poor tool to create change. When we start a new diet or exercise program we use willpower to try and force ourselves to change existing habits.

Willpower runs out very quickly.

So what is the answer?

1st list all of the habits of lean people.

Next compare what you do to those habits.

Figure out which habits will have the greatest impact on your body.

Prioritize those habits.

Next since we know that willpower is limited, break those habits down into chewable chunks.

Change one habit at a time.

After you change one habit move on to the next.

Repeat this process until you have your dream body.

Don’t beat yourself up when you have setbacks… you will, it is totally a normal part of change.

Consistency is Key to Getting Lean

One bad meal doesn’t make you fat anymore than one good meal makes you thin. It is what you do daily with consistency that gets you the body you want.

When you are in the process of creating lean body habits you will fail. That is ok, one failure isn’t a big deal. Learn from it and move on.

Research shows that successful people fail on average of 7 – 12 times before they reach success. Failures are merely figuring out what doesn’t work for you.

Replace Bad Habits with Habits Lean Habits

Habits are habit, thus they are not easy to get rid of. So instead of trying to stop eating high calorie junk food cold turkey, try replacing that junk food with a lower calorie snack food.

Always have a plan for when cravings make you desire your old habit. What will you replace it with? What will curb the craving?

Stay encouraged, persistent, and never give up on your dreams! You have a limited number of days left so go live life like you are going to die… one day you will be right.

Until next time,