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Do You Feel Stuck & Hopeless?

Are you are sick and tired of being in pain?
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Will this ever get better?

You deserve to be pain-free!

Meet Coach Brian

I understand your frustration.

I suffered from debilitating low back pain for over a decade.

I had a frozen neck that wouldn’t move. Both of my knees hurt going down stairs. I had a painful frozen shoulder. I’ve had plantar fasciopathy that just wouldn’t go away.

I’ve even experienced TBIs (traumatic brain damage) from head traumas.

Yet today I am pain-free, athletic, and healthy.

And you can be too!

Brian got out of pain with Z-Health drills

Z-Health as taken me from daily pain and stiffness to pain-free, supple, and athletic…

And Z-Health can work for you too if you are willing to do the drills.

Z-Health Changes Your Brain & Body

Whitney Schubert

After only 3 sessions my 2 long years of excruciating pain is gone!

Testimonial Carma
Carma Leichty Baughman

Brian has helped me remove pain from old injuries and it has been life-changing!

The reason your body gets stuck feeling pain, stiffness, weakness, etc. is that while the injury has most likely healed your nervous system is still acting to protect you.

You see it doesn’t know you are ok so it is still in survival mode.

We need to prove to your brain that you are ok by using the input that it pays the most attention to…


Not just any movement but very specific movement tailored to the needs of your nervous system.

That is why most rehab systems fail… they are generic and are not specific to what your brain needs.

Z-Health is Used by Professional Athletes, Olympians, & People Like You

Pro football players use Z-Health
Pro basketball players use Z-Health
Pro baseball players use Z-Health
Pro soccer players use Z-Health

Z-Health Addresses All of Your Body’s Needs

Strength, Coordination, Range of Motion

If you have had a pain or injury you have most likely lost strength, coordination, and flexibility.
We will restore that and even make it better than it was before!

Vision & Balance Systems

Your visual and balance systems are HUGELY tied into your pain, stiffness, weakness, and fatigue.
If they aren’t functioning properly your whole body won’t function well.
Vision is A LOT more than just 20/20 eyesight.

Breathing, Relaxation, Anxiety

High blood pressure, anxiety, or snoring / sleep apnea?
Learning to breath correctly can change your life!

Nutritional Deficiencies

No fancy expensive supplements or complete diet overhauls.
Just simple things that you probably wouldn’t have known about that can make a BIG difference.

My Clients Have Experienced Relief from the Following Things:

Low back pain
Frozen shoulder
Tight / painful neck
Knee pain
Foot pain / stiff toes
Plantar fasciitis / fasciopathy
Carpal Tunnel
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Tingling / nerve issues
Concussion Rehab
Snoring / sleep apnea
Migraines / frequent headaches
Dizziness / light headedness
Nystagmus / Visual issues

Z-Health Coaches are Trained in Multiple Complex Areas… others only know one thing

Pain Neuroscience
Movement Neurology
Biomechanics & Kinesiology
Sports Vision Training
Vestibular Rehabilitation
Motor Learning Theory & Application
Respiratory Rehabilitation & Training
Sports Skill Coaching
Modern Strength & Mobility Training
Behavior Modification
and more…

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