Build Muscle – Look Athletic – Feel Amazing!

Science-based fitness to get you faster results

  • Build an athletic, lean, muscular body
  • Eliminate nagging aches, pains, and years-old injuries
  • Private training or exercise with a small community of like-minded people

Look Amazing

Get Lean & Muscular
Look like an Athlete
Improve your Posture

Feel Amazing

Eliminate Aches & Pains
Improved Energy & Vitality
Increase your Drive & Focus

Move Amazing

Improve Flexibility
Become Powerful
Become Injury Resistant

We are NOT

Some Lame Gym Fitness Class

A group of strangers – yuck
Trying to keep up & feeling bad for falling behind
Exercise that is neither specific to your goals, nor enjoyable

A Big Box

Waiting for Equipment
Wiping Other People’s Sweat
Constantly Feeling Judged

What we ARE

Private Training

Small, intimate, personalized
Personal Training or Semi-Private Training
Customized Exercise, Nutrition, & Coaching for YOU!

Small Group Community

Small group classes (2-6 people)
Community of like-minded people
Judgement-free zone

Not exercising regularly is foolish but doing the wrong kind won’t get you results


Remain insecure & out of shape
Miss out on the compliments you will get from looking athletic
Increased rate of aging, risk of disease, early death, and poor quality of health in life

Wrong Type
of Exercise

Spin your wheels doing “fitness” exercise that doesn’t get you results
Injure yourself doing high-intensity / low-reward fitness fads
Feel burnt out from unnecessary hard training

Why Choose Us?

I have created the kind of exercise gym that I always wanted. A place where you feel comfortable, empowered, and surrounded by encouraging people. A place where you fit in and can be successful.

Science-Based Exercise

We cut out the fluff.
If you are going to work hard then why not get 100% results out of your efforts?

Judgement-Free Environment

I’m not here to yell at you, shame you, or point out your faults.
I’m here to coach you to success, build you up, and tell you the truth of how to get the results that you want.

Access to Expert

I’ve spend decades and poured tens of thousands of hours and dollars into learning as much as I can so I can guide you to become the best that you can be.

Meet Coach Brian

I’ve probably been just like you. I’ve been skinny-fat, out of shape, and didn’t like how I looked or felt.

I also spent over a decade with severe debilitating lower back pain not to mention shoulder, knee, neck, and other joint problems.

I spent years… decades educating myself, experimenting, figuring out what worked and what was a waste of time.

I rebuilt myself piece-by-piece and continue to improve well into my late 40s by implementing science-based principles of how to lift, move, breath, stretch, and eat. Not to mention how to think (feed the correct wolf).

And now I get to pass along my expertise to people like you who want to be pain-free, muscular, lean, and built like an athlete.

Brian Copeland

Ready to Become a Pain-Free Muscular Athlete?
I Can Get You There.

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Contact Brian to Set up Your FREE Consultation
Learn which option is best for your goals.

Build Your Dream Body
Building your dream body will change your life and teach you how to be a winner.

Don’t waste another minute of your life not having your dream body.

Feeling insecure about being scrawny or fat
Having chronic aches and pains
Not loving the body you live life in

Your Future Body

Lean, Muscular, & Athletic
Men will develop a dangerous-looking body that demands respect
Women will get lean, toned, and sexified
Seniors will reclaim their freedom, strength, balance, and flexibility
Eliminate joint aches & pains
Improve your vision (you read that right)
Future-proof your health so you live longer AND have a higher quality of life
Increase your energy, drive, & vitality

How Do We Exercise?

Lift to Build Muscle

Whether you play a sport or not you will look like an athlete.
The more muscle you have the better shape and tone you will have. Everyone looks better with muscle.

Improve Suppleness

A body that looks good but feels stiff and achy isn’t fun to be in. So we do mobility work, soft tissue work, and stretching keep your tissues flexible, supple, and pain-free.


This system encompasses a wide range of benefits from pain-relief, coordination, athletic ability, improved vision, balance, joint health and more.

Cardiovascular Health

Between kettlebell swings and specialized breathing exercises you will breathe easier, have more energy, and be healthier.

Raving Clients Speak

Greg Tzar

I trained with Brian in Kettlebells and Martial Arts for several years, and it completely transformed the way I approach health, fitness, and life. Brian is an innovator and a pioneer in the field, and his training methodology is next-level. It is rare if not impossible today to find this level of quality and value.

Ken Keener

What can I say, God works in mysterious ways! I started taking self defense with Brian in December. I shortly thereafter started with the fitness, I’m glad I did. I have screws and rods in my back, and sound like Rice Krispies in the morning, lol, but I started training anyway. My mobility, strength, coordination, balance, power, are all improving. Not to mention I’m looking a little bit better too, not a bad side effect. This is proving to be life changing, I’m so glad I joined. If you have a desire for any of the things I mentioned above, please come here. The best part is it’s helping my pain!!! If you hurt, please come here. Now I’m just trying to get muscle and lose fat, and I am! Y’all come see us and get pumped!

Allen West

I had been in physical therapy for years and as long as I kept up with it I could keep the pain manageable but that is hardly living life; I didn’t want to be in “rehab” my whole life!
After only a short time training with Brian I started to notice tremendous changes. I had no more pain all over my body. I got amazing improvement in flexibility and range of motion in my bad shoulders. My energy level has increased dramatically and my endurance is astounding.
Brian has helped me in so many more ways, from overall health, skin, energy, attitude, even improved my outlook on life.
There is no greater gift someone can give than to improve one’s quality of life and Brian does that for me every day. There isn’t enough that can be said about him because every day he impresses me with his knowledge, ability to teach and caring not only in regard to fitness but toward people as well.
BEFORE = Daily pain, fused spine and couldn’t lift my arm overhead
NOW = (several months later) Snatching and pressing a 44 lb kettlebell pain-free, deadlifting more than my body-weight, and squatting two 53 lb kettlebells rock bottom all pain-free! I even got my first pull-up tonight!

Fat Loss Review Aurora Colorado

Alee Vang Webb

After only 3-4 weeks I saw incredible results
I had my 2nd child about 6 1/2 months ago. I tried so hard to get back into shape but never saw the results that I wanted (not even remotely close to my before any baby shape and size).

After only 3-4 weeks on this routine I saw incredible results, I lost inches off my whole body! I was extremely motivated at this point because I lost 2 inches from my “tummy pooch” (anyone who has had a baby knows what I’m talking about!). I was amazed that I saw results like that in less than a month! Suddenly I had more energy and a boost of self confidence!

I can’t even start to tell you how many people have commented on how great I look.

There’s nothing like the feeling of being able to fit back into those “skinny” jeans that are hiding in your closet! Bottom line is, I’m not stuck at the gym for hours, I’m having tons more fun working out and I’m seeing incredible results. I went from a size 9/10 to 4/5 in these few months. If you want results, contact Brian, he’ll do what it takes as long as you do too!

Ways to Train

Private Training

We have 2 types of private training to meet your specific goals.

Small Group Classes

We offer 2 levels of small group classes to meet your goals.

With all of the benefits that await you there really isn’t any good reason not to start ASAP, right?

If you keep waiting for the right time, your life will pass you by. Create the time, commit to the time, and do it for someone you love, do it for you.