A Letter to You

Dear future client,

I was once just like you. Not as fit as I wanted, in pain, poor health (I would get sick easily), and quite frankly I didn’t like the way that I looked.

But like you I wan’t ok with that and decided to do something about it.

I spun my wheels no doubt just like you have, trying various fitness fads. Always looking for the secret to looking great and feeling amazing.

What I discovered is that there are no secrets per se but there are unknown key things that will give you a better body, more energy, and improved health.

You can look, feel, and perform amazing. If you are willing to be consistent.

If you are willing to put in the effort I will guide you and coach you to your best body and health ever.

Brian Copeland – Creator of Copeland’s Core Fitness

Expertise That You Can Trust

Professional Athlete Clients

Brian has trained professional athletes from MLB, NHL, PGA, boxing, MMA, Olympics (figure skating & weightlifting) as well as amateur athletes from a variety of sports.

Media & Publications

Brian has appeared on a number of media outlets including Channel 2 News, Fox 31 News, Ski Magazine, The RKC Book of Strength & Conditioning, has written the book Seriously Strong Hands, and has been quoted in numerous magazines and online articles.

Instructor to Kettlebell Trainers

Brian was one of the first certified kettlebell instructors in Colorado (2005) and owns and operates Colorado’s first kettlebell gym.
The majority of certified kettlebell instructors in Colorado originally learned how to use kettlebells from Brian.
Brian continues to help aspiring kettlebell instructors prepare for their intense certification courses.


Brian is a lifelong martial artist and has trained with martial arts legend Paul Vunak, trained with UFC fighters, ranked professional boxers, Olympic Judo players, Olympic Tae Kwon Do medalists, SWAT officers, and more.
He has also torn 90 poker cards with his bare hands and started playing competitive indoor soccer in his 40s.

Professional Education & Experience

Z-Health Performance Solutions

Essentials of Elite Performance – Z-Health Performance Solutions
Movement Rehabilitation & Re-Education Specialist – R-Phase – Z-Health Performance Solutions
Visual & Vestibular Integration Specialist – I-Phase – Z-Health Performance Solutions
Sports & Skill Development Specialist – S-Phase – Z-Health Performance Solutions
Level 4 Exercise Therapy Specialist – T-Phase – Z-Health Performance Solutions
Advanced Neuro-Anatomy – 9S/1 Structure – Z-Health Performance Solutions
Advanced Neuro-Interoceptive Assessment – 9S/7 The Next Evolution – Z-Health Performance Solutions

RKC Russian Kettlebell Challenge

RKC Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Instructor, 2005 – trained by Pavel Tsatouline
Assistant Instructor – RKC Certification Course, October 2007
Assistant Instructor – RKC Certification Course, June 2009
Own and Operates Colorado’s First Kettlebell Training Gym since 2006

Misc. Certifications

Sports Nutrition Advisor
Progressive Fighting Systems Certified Instructor – trained by Paul Vunak
Rapid Assault Tactics Certified Instructor
Force Continuum for Law Enforcement Certified Instructor
Jeet Kune Do Certified Instructor
Advanced Combatives Handgun
SWAT 101: Building/Room Clearing
I am committed to continuing to learn and apply all of the latest research-backed science-based fitness, health, and longevity protocols so that I can get you the best results possible.
Brian Copeland