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Authentic Russian Kettlebells


Now you can get all of the benefits of exercising with kettlebells right in your own home!



Men and women all over the world are using kettlebells to get into the best shape of their lives. So what are you waiting for?

Kettlebell training offers the following benefits:

Superior Fat Loss

According to the American Council on Exercise kettlebell training burns more calories than any other form of exercise (except cross country skiing uphill with a heavy pack on your back).

Tracy Reifkind lost over 100 lbs in less than a year without drugs or surgery from kettlebell training and of course a sensible diet. My friend Andrea U-shi Chang lost over 70 lbs in less than a year the same way.

Superior Athletic Conditioning

Mixed Martial Artists use kettlebells to forge strength endurance that won't stop. From Fedor to Frank Shamrock and countless other, they all owe their superior "never stop" conditioning to their intense kettlebell training. Many professional and college Strength Coaches include kettlebell training in their athlete's conditioning training, some have even gone to kettlebell training exclusively.

Superior Joint Health

Many people report that traditional strength training hurts their joints but that doing even the same exact lifts with kettlebells makes their joints feel better. The answer has to do with the offset center of balance which activates more of your body's stabilizer muscles, helping to fix the joint better in place during movement and ultimately strengthening the joint from all angles.

Superior Core Strength

Core training became a buzz word to sell useless ab machines on late night infomercials. But core training is really integrated training, using our whole body. Your core which is anything that is not an extremity (arm, leg, head) is from your neck to your glutes and everything in-between.

The full body movements of kettlebell exercise require the core to become amazingly strong, stable and injury resistant. No discussion about core strength is complete without kettlebells.

Superior Injury Prevention

Physical Therapist Gray Cook uses kettlebell training with roughly half of the NFL. He has taken some of the worst teams for injury and make them some of the least injured teams with kettlebell training. Once again the joint stability and 3-dimensional strength created by the kettlebell will help professional athletes and soccer moms alike.

Superior Spine Health

Kettlebell training is recommended by many in the Chiropractic community. Also Professor Stuart McGill, one of the world's leading spine Biomechanists says that his favorite exercise for a healthy low back is the 1-hand kettlebell swing.

Superior Age Defiance

Kettlebell training strengthens joints, bones and muscles which helps to prevent osteoporosis and bone loss. I have male and female clients in their 60s and 70s using kettlebell training and they love what it does for them. They feel stronger, more balanced and empowered in their daily lives.

The phrase "use it or lose it" never rings so true as when we start getting older, it is even more important to maintain your muscle and bone mass, strength, pain-free range of motion and posture. Kettlebells are a perfect tool for that.

Superior Strength

Yeah you heard it! World Super Heavyweight Powerlifting Champion, Donnie Thompson used kettlebells to increase his deadlift to a new personal record of 832 lbs.

If you aren't interested in becoming a world champion but would like to be the strongest person you know then kettlebells are your meal ticket. You won't need to weasel out of helping your buddy move his furniture to his new house with your new found strength and stamina. Everyone will be huffing and puffing and you will be rocking and rolling!

Superior Flexibility

Really? Sure! Science has proven that the best way to get more flexible is not through static passive stretching but rather active stretching (movement), even more, active stretching through resistance movements. Squatting rock bottom, kettlebell windmills, overhead lockouts with the kettlebell, all of these drills with loosen up your hamstring, groin, shoulders and more.


Why Dragon Door Kettlebells?

Dragon Door was the first American company to manufacture and sell kettlebells in the United States and abroad. Most other companies are getting into the game to make money but don't know anything about kettlebells and they end up making handles that are too big or small, or handles too rough that tear up your hands. They might use an inferior paint that chips easily and some kettlebells even break!

Stick with Dragon Door brand, they cost a little more than the competitors but you can rest assured you have the best, longest lasting kettlebells around. Heck, they will outlive you. Will them to your grandchildren one day!

"Amazing quality. It performs as it should with none of the ergonomic problems I experienced with other kettlebells. For my first kettlebell purchase, I wanted a Dragon Door but I was so excited that didn't want to wait for shipping and I figured I'd save a (insignificant) 20 bucks by going to a large, well-known sporting goods store and buying the ones they carry, manufactured by an unspecialized company that makes all sort of miscellaneous exercise equipment. It took me a while to figure out that the extreme pain and bruising I was experiencing was not normal and was a result of the bell's design. By my fifth workout or so, I could no longer press this bell because instead of being round where it contacted my arm, it was pointed where they decided to make their logo large and flat. The handle was also designed bad. I ended up having to take the imitation bell back weeks after purchase without a receipt and demand they return my money. I then bought a Dragon Door and have been more than happy. I get excited to workout with this bell everyday."

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*Kettlebells are manufactured by, purchased through and shipped by Dragon Door in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

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Authentic Russian Kettlebells

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18 lbs is the ideal weight for most women to begin with. It is not too heavy and not too light.