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Want These Results?

Kettlebell Training...

Who would have thought that this bizarre form of Russian fitness training would have swept the American fitness industry in only 9 short years?

If you are like most of my clients you first heard about kettlebells from:

  • Friends or family who have lost inches and toned up

  • Media outlets such as TV's The Biggest Loser

  • Pro athletes and MMA fighters who are dominating in their sports

  • Even Hollywood celebrities are getting their movie-ready bods by using kettlebells


So what can kettlebell training do for you and what do you need to look for when seeking a kettlebell instructor?

Kettlebell Training Will:

  • Burn more calories than any other type of fitness training ("they were burning at least 20.2 calories per minute!" according to the American Council on Exercise, this is more than any other type of exercise!)

  • Build lean toned muscles in all the right places to give you a sexy athletic look

  • Be fun and exciting!

  • Help your joints to feel the best they ever have

  • Improve your flexibility and pain-free range of motion

  • Improve your athletic ability, even if you aren't an athlete

  • Develop an invincible heart

  • It Should NOT hurt, make you puke or feel like you just got tackled by the entire New Orleans Saints offensive line

How to know if you have found an Amazing kettlebell instructor:

  • Just because someone is a personal trainer does NOT mean they are qualified to safely teach you how to use kettlebells or get you the results you want

  • They must be certified by a reputable organization such as the RKC

  • Look for lots of testimonials from real clients who are like you. See my video above or read my testimonials page!

  • They should be accomplished both as a teacher and in what they do, they should walk the walk

  • A great fitness coach will not bark commands such as "one more rep, keep going, don't stop!" or "no pain no gain!" But will work with you at your pace to improve your fitness levels in a safe manner. Fitness training should always be enjoyable, effort of course but never unpleasant.

  • They should know how to prevent injuries and work with people who have injuries.

  • They should understand nutrition and how to apply it to your goals

  • Look for someone who can help you implement daily exercise and nutrition into your busy life

  • And finally, they should be named Brian Copeland! Ha ha ha. I mean, they must have a good personality that you will enjoy being around!


No conversation about fitness would be complete without understanding what fitness is.

Fitness is not just looking good in a swimsuit, although that is surely a good motivator. Fitness is about being healthy enough to enjoy life to the fullest.

That means:

  • Having a strong heart

  • Having strong muscles so that real-life tasks such as carrying the baby, groceries, suitcases, furniture, etc. are easier

  • Having mobility in your joints so your body can withstand the rigors of life

  • Improved balance and vision (yes I train my clients in these areas!)

  • Building coordination so you move with grace and balance (think slipping on ice and not falling!)

  • Pain-free movement

  • And of course, looking good and feeling great!


Z-Health the Life Changer

You will no doubt hear the name Z-Health mentioned throughout my testimonials, website and videos. To learn even more about Z-Health and what it can do for you, visit my Z-Health link at the top of this page.

But for now here is Z-Health in a nutshell:

  • It targets your nervous system to eliminate pain, improve range of motion in joints and improve athleticism

  • For some people, pain can go away instantly!

  • It is based on the latest science in neurophysiology and how the brain controls pain and movement

  • World champion and Olympic athletes such as Gretchen Bleiler use it to improve their athleticism

  • Therapists and others use it to help people with pain or mobility issues

  • It works often very quickly

  • People are often amazed at how fast an "old injury" can be completely erased

  • For you medical types, Z-Health works with the visual, vestibular and proprioceptive systems to rewire your brain and nervous system

  • When other methods have failed Z-Health works nearly every time and typically very quickly

All of my clients get Z-Health training as a part of their overall fitness coaching.


Here is what some of them have to say about Z-Health


We were lead to Brian Copeland’s “Core Fitness” training center from the Dragon Door website.  After reading over his bio and training philosophy, I felt that we had found a place that my husband and I could start our kettlebell training.

The only problem was that my husband had an injury that was keeping his elbow from fully locking out (extending) and until this problem was fixed, there would be no kettlebell training.
Patrick had flown over his handlebars in October of 09, and almost five months later the injury to his elbow persisted which inhibited his ability to train and workout.

A beginners kettlebell class was starting at Copeland's Core Fitness, and we really wanted to start. I made a call to Brian and told him about Patrick’s injury.

Brian encouraged Patrick to book a Z-Health training session and told us that he was almost 90% sure that he could fix Patrick’s injury.

We were hopeful and booked the appointment.
In less then 45 minutes, Patrick had full extension in his injured elbow.
Now, we are ready to start our kettlebell training, and… are practicing Z-Health everyday!

Sam and Patrick Hayes


If you are ready to get pain-free, fit, strong, look good in your swim suit and/or become a better athlete then get started today.

There are several ways to train with Brian:

  • You can train in person at his Aurora, Colorado studio where he has Private or Semi-Private personal training and Small Group Kettlebell Classes

  • If you are out of state you can travel to lovely Colorado to meet with Brian as countless individuals have. Take in some of Colorado's natural beauty while you are here: skiing, hiking, Cave of the Winds, the Royal Gorge and more!

  • Brian also has phone consultations available for those unable to visit in person

  • Finally Brian provides online training programs that include both exercise and nutrition aspects, everything you need to reach your goals

Contact Brian today here


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